Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ernie Construction Model 3/4 view


  1. John - I'm glad you're doing this project and I did contribute enough to get a signed doodle from you and I will gladly frame it and pass it down to my children as a coveted artifact of my childhood. You and your team made a lasting impression on me as a child and I'm extremely thankful for it.

    Keep up the good work and I wish the best for you and your team.

  2. These are great John! Still love looking at pencil work even better than finished art as we get to see the thought process and the guts of the drawing.

    -Chris A.Gruszka

  3. I am not an animator but I find stuff like this fascinating.
    Question the animators: Do the different coloured notations refer to a different part of the process? I assume purple refers to inking as it is describing line weight. But the rest loses me.
    Thanks for this - just awesome to see the process!

    Monster Mike


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